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Create Magical and Impactful Hypnotic Experiences…

Anytime, Anywhere and with Anyone!

Transform your life through learning this rich craft of contemporary hypnotic facilitation. Learn rare skills and gain hidden knowledge (unavailable elsewhere) giving you a virtual 'superpower' to move yourself ahead in life... only here with the Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship.

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Amazing course... I finally feel as though I’m creating a working understanding of hypnosis and, as I do, the fear to explore and experiment is leaving and being replaced with an enthusiastic courage to see what is truly possible.

Anthony J - ODA Member

Hypnosis... what's possible with it (and is it even real)?

Why learn with Hypnosis Without Trance?

  • Hypnosis Without Trance is a unique and strategic approach to facilitating profound hypnotic experiences that works with actual human psycho-social dynamics rather than outdated myths of ‘special states’ and ‘depth’.
HWT transcends the traditional (and unnecessary and limiting) approach of ‘hypnotic induction’ to work directly and dynamically with the mind/brain systems that generate subjective experience. Approaching things this way has multiple advantages:  

Got my first card stick...wow what a feeling!

Anthony T - ODA Member

As featured on...

This course is amazing... it feels as though I’m doing a philosophy, psychology and hypnosis course all at once! The platform is amazing and James Tripp ‘s teachings are resonating in a very deep and embodied way.

Anthony T - ODA Member

This is not only a hypnosis course but a fully transformative experience!

Introducing The Online Deep Apprenticeship Membership Program

How this unique Online Deep Apprenticeship serves You!


The aim of the Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship is nothing less than transforming you – from both the inside-out and outside-in – into a powerful and impactful facilitator of hypnotic experiences… a creator of personal, magical and meaningful moments with the potential to change lives in a variety of generative ways (and this is no over statement).


You will learn not only the the facilitation of traditional hypnotic phenomena but also the crafting of highly unique and personally moving experiences.


All of this is delivered through...

Join the Online Deep Apprenticeship and begin this uniquely transformative journey now!

Meet your teacher, coach and guide...

Hi, I’m James Tripp and I am the developer of the Hypnosis Without Trance approach to Hypnotic Facilitation and creator and director of the HWT Online Deep Apprenticeship.


Amongst other things (like being a human and a dad and all that) I’m an internationally renowned developer and teacher in the world of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Facilitation as well as a professional developmental coach working with clients from across the globe.


I’m here teaching my understandings and approach to hypnosis because in 2009 I shook up the hypnosis world and challenged the status quo with my Hypnosis Without Trance blog and ‘near heretical’ e-book Hypnosis Beyond the Trance Myth. This set in motion a cascade of events that led on to being invited to teach hypnosis all over the world and to speak at some of the biggest hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP conferences on our sweet planet (Europe, Australia, U.S.A and Canada… and I’m told I currently hold the record for the largest Hypnosis Training event ever in the continent of South America).


Born out of my explorations in both Hypnotherapy and Street Hypnosis, Hypnosis Without Trance is an approach that removes a lot of redundancy and adds in a lot of flexibility and dynamism to the art and craft of hypnotic facilitation.


I have created this project (the Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship) as the central vehicle for my mission to help people become the most magical, adaptive and impactful hypnotists they can possibly be


And, if you’re up for it, I very much welcome you on board!

I truly can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom and experience. Thank you too for making this course affordable and accessible.

Matt W - ODA Member

Monthly Membership

$ 47 Per Month
  • Interactive tuition from James Tripp
  • New lesson content delivered weekly
  • Monthly Open Frame Q&A Sessions
  • Interactive learning community
  • Rare hypnosis knowledge you will not get anywhere else!









Still have some questions? Let me try and answer them for you.

Because Hypnosis Without Trance is an original approach to hypnosis, it is taught from the ground up. Those with experience will be learning a new approach to augment what they already do. Those who are new will be learning thoroughly and from scratch (no former knowledge or expertise assumed).

Hypnosis Without Trance is an original approach to hypnosis that operates outside of the traditional paradigms. We will be covering the basics of the Hypnosis Without Trance approach, but -unless you have already trained in HWT – these are not the same basics as for traditional approaches.

The Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship is specifically about developing the skills and understanding to create magical and impactful hypnotic experiences with the widest range of individuals in the widest range of contexts. We build these skills and understandings across three levels – foundation, flexibility and fulcrum – with level 3 being specifically about the application of hypnosis to creating generative change.


The work that is geared towards impact for change comes under the moniker ‘neuroshamanics’ within this program. We do NOT AT ALL operate within the frames of ‘mental health’ or ‘therapy’ (these are deep, dark rabbit holes in and of themselves!).


If your goal is to become a consulting hypnotist helping people to make significant personal changes in their lives, there is more than enough within this program to get you to that place. If you are already a Hypnotherapist, you will learn much about creating richer hypnotic magic and increasing the impact of your work from this program.

The big secret isn’t much out there in terms of ‘recognised hypnosis qualifications’. Hypnosis is pretty much a ‘lay art’ the world over. So… The Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship is 100% about real, embodied skills and understandings and not at all about certificates or bits of paper. The aim is to be able to actually do it rather than having a certificate saying you can do it. (And if you think you need a certificate to rock people’s worlds with hypnosis… that definitely isn’t so).

The Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship is a course for developing yourself as a flexible and adaptive hypnotic facilitator. It is NOT IN ANY WAY a course of therapy or self-help.

If your question remains unanswered and you would like to get in touch please send a message via Facebook and we’ll endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible. 

Whilst you wait – please do check out and subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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