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Testimony for the HWT
Online Deep Apprenticeship

*Please note that all the testimony on this page was received unsolicited

Matt W
Matt WODA Member
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I can already feel my brain beginning to work in a different way, thinking of ways to interpret everything that they are experiencing, not so much as my power as a hypnotist, but their power as a human being.
Anthony T
Anthony TODA Member
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This course is amazing. I was telling my wife last nite, it feels as though I’m doing a philosophy, psychology and hypnosis course all at once the platform is amazing and James Tripp ‘s teachings are resonating in a very deep and embodied way.
Nikolaos P
Nikolaos PODA Member
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I can already feel my brain beginning to work in a different way, thinking of ways to interpret everything that they are experiencing, not so much as my power as a hypnotist, but their power as a human being.
Chad K
Chad KODA Member
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This is completely transformative. Not just in terms of how I will approach change work, but in terms of how I approach my own life. I’m so grateful for this course...
Raymond G
Raymond GODA Member
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James you have awakened something in me that I have pushed away from at different points in my life due to the limitations that I had held onto during those periods. Better late to the party than not to join at all. Thanks for the space to ....... My mind continues to be blown.....
Thomas M
Thomas MODA Member
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Once I started and began to see the amazing level of what he delivered I was blown away and am finding it very hard to stop. I just finished up delving into the first section (28 modules) and it has made me rethink what i thought i knew about Hypnosis. A real eye opener that makes a lot of sense and it has me totally excited to be on this ride with all of you!
Tommy D
Tommy DODA Member
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"...this morning [I was having] a conversation with a lady who would like to learn to drive but told me she has no co ordination. I explained how the hypnotic loops work in our minds... Bingo! She got it and the smile on her face was priceless. Because my other job is as a driving instructor I learn something and then use my students to practice on during lessons so it’s a win win. 🙂
CharlesODA Member
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I definitely lost a bit of sensation in the chosen hand. Even now, it still feels a bit numb. More importantly for me, this was a really good convincer. Up til now I had never experienced, guided, any hypnotic phenomena and I’ve been a student of hypnosis for a number of years. This was a really amazing experience!
Becky M
Becky MODA Member
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This is the first time I have really experienced anaesthesia. I pinched the skin with my nails and still hardly any sensation. I compared with the other hand after and it was quite painful in comparison. Really focusing on the sensations worked much better for me than imagining cold numbness, which is the way this has been taught to me previously. Really useful approach, thank you.
Axel F
Axel FODA Member
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Thank you James Tripp for the richness that you are distilling in the Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship. What you are giving and the dedication are immense and rare. A big THANKS!
Anthony J
Anthony JODA Member
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Amazing course James, seriously well done! It's changing my entire outlook and my life. I finally feel as though I’m creating a working understanding of hypnosis and, as I do, the fear to explore and experiment is leaving and being replaced with an enthusiastic courage to see what is truly possible.
JDODA Member
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Hello, just a quick appreciation of all the thought you have put into the course. I really appreciate the breadth of also your theoretical thinking and that your ethical principles shining through. Not naming names here but the same I could not find in some prominent international online hypnosis courses!
Tommy D
Tommy DODA Member
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Hey James, I’m really enjoying the ODA, it’s possibly the most interesting course I’ve ever been part of...
Anthony J
Anthony JODA Member
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Wow, I can feel myself changing and evolving. This is a powerful and interesting group of people and teachings indeed.
Mark W
Mark WODA Member
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...this material is years ahead of itself, basically pioneering stuff. Thanks for the opportunity to learn this!
Anthony T
Anthony TODA Member
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Got my first card stick. 🤟🏻wow what a feeling!
Elad E
Elad EODA Member
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As someone who [just] succeeded in doing a self arm levitation for the first time, I feel like I finally shifted gears after long 10 years... I feel SO much more in the KNOW of my own dynamics and the power of inner mind to create my experience ongoing... And so-what you just did with the 'arm journey' is beautiful in my mind right now, watching it, absorbing it, creating my connection with it.. Thanks for that! I like where you're going with this whole journey James😄😉🙏
Luis M
Luis MODA Member
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I feel like this training has validated my experiences with hypnosis and practicing hypnosis over the years. This frame is very useful for me.
Clare B
Clare BODA Member
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I’ve been exploring a lot of the different ideas and frames in sessions with my Hypnotherapy clients and noticing positive differences. Not because I’m doing anything wildly different but rather I feel it’s helping me be come more aware of how I’m showing up and tuning into them and what they bring.
Anthony T
Anthony TODA Member
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My understandings have evolved so much that they are almost unrecognisable to even myself.
Eric R
Eric RODA Member
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This program is hugely undervalued in my opinion. I know what I paid to get in at the first jump. I know what I paid to join other online trainings. And I know what I am being asked to pay to join yet other trainings which I desire but cannot afford either time or money at this point in time. I do however recommend this one…Expect your beliefs to be challenged.... In a good way.
MattODA Member
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Thank you James Tripp for the richness that you are distilling in the Hypnosis Without Trance Online Deep Apprenticeship. What you are giving and the dedication are immense and rare. A big THANKS! Anyway – I could go on and on. I just wanted to thank you. This is going to be a great year!


Melissa Tiers
Melissa TiersThe Center for Integrative Hypnosis
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If you've been in my classes or supervision in the past year you will have heard me talk about James' work. I think he has an amazing, ever expanding curious mind and one well worth learning from. melissatiers.com
Jørgen Rasmussen
Jørgen RasmussenAuthor of Provocative Hypnosis
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I have worked professionally as an agent of change for twelve years, done thousands of client sessions and read several hundred books on psychology , nlp and hypnosis. Relatively seldom do I get my hands on a program that actually delivers something new, exciting and useful for an ‘old’ pro as myself. provocativehypnosis.com
Chris Thompson
Chris ThompsonMike Mandel Hypnosis
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I wanted to reach out to tell you that I think you are an really good teacher. You speak clearly, you explain concepts well... Most hypnotists have no clue about this stuff. I don't agree with the whole "trance doesn't exist" part of your model. But it's just a model. Models don't reflect the real world and as long as they work they are useful. Your model clearly works, so I have no interest in picking on minor details. You've done a great job getting some very good material up on your site, and that's really what I wanted to tell you. Keep doing it. mikemandelhypnosis.com
Jonathan Altfeld
Jonathan AltfeldMastery Insight Institute
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Just enjoyed a fabulous conversation with the talented James Tripp -- coach, empowerment expert, and of course, hypnotist. It's truly cool to speak with someone at the crest of the current wave of their evolution. Can't wait to see what he's coming up with next! altfeld.com
Michelange Quay
Michelange QuayHypnotist and Film Maker
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Many coaches and self development figures seem to be focused on ... their commerce, repackaging old ideas with a new special sauce as it were. You, James have never stopped being on your own cutting edge and inviting us along with you, with humility that in no way quenches your raw passion. So anyone following really makes discoveries over time about how we can conceptualize life in more resourceful empowering ways - we're evolving with you, it's an amazing ride. Every once and awhile you make a real quantum jump, and we all jump with you, ready or not. This here is really one of those moments, this inquiry into the Difference. Really, this is profound. Truly, thank you. Bravo, James. Keep on keeping on! innervisionhypnosis.wixsite.com
Anthony Jacquin
Anthony JacquinHypnotist, Trainer, Entertainer and Author of Reality is Plastic
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James Tripp opened things up with an exquisite lesson in congruent communication, total body talk and appealing to the primal. It was like hearing a sage speak or watching a tai chi master move (which he may well be). When you have his level of mastery it is as if you can explain the whole by looking at any tiny part and he did just that, diving into the micro while informing us about the macro. There weren't tons of techniques taught, yet so much take-away. His use of non-verbals is way beyond the theatrics of the witch doctor effect. Great to see how his ideas continue to develop.jacquinhypnosisacademy.com
Freddy Jacquin
Freddy JacquinHypnotherapist, Hypnosis Trainer and Author
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The almost Zen like magnetism of James Tripp... draws you in. I don't know about Hypnosis Without Trance but having been spellbound by James I have experienced learning without knowing. jacquinhypnosisacademy.com
Michael Watson
Michael WatsonInternationally renowned Hypnotist & NLP Trainer
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James, James, James ... I want to let you know how much I appreciate your video and blog. I am an NLP and Hypnosis Trainer (US and UK) with a 30 year history in the field, and quite frankly, when I look around the "academic and professional hypnosis community", I see more bullshit than substance. It is refreshing to see you at your art... and your great language utilization is as natural as it is effective. You are a member of an elite circle of hypnosis trainers - you're the real deal. I'm going to share your video with my students and friends. phoenix-services.org
Jonathan Altfeld
Jonathan AltfeldMastery Insight Institute
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As someone who trains targeted voice effects for more hypnotic delivery, I have extremely high standards for evaluating how people use their voices on online demonstrations. Fact: Much of what’s out there does not meet my most basic expectations for a skillful voice (Yes, I'm a voice-skills snob when it comes to what's often presented as supposedly good NLP and hypnosis demos online). Here's a breath of fresh air! James’ vocal delivery and mastery of rhythm demonstrated in this video makes him someone any NLP or hypnosis student needs to include in their studies. altfeld.com

Further Praise for
Hypnosis Without Trance

I do greatly enjoy your work, which is light years ahead of anything else being offered, and take great personal inspiration from it. It has changed my practice out of sight.

On any level in the practice of unconscious suggestibility, James Tripp is the next level. Beyond Erickson. Beyond Bandler.

Your ‘No-Fail Protocol’ is… well… how shall I put this…ABSOLUTELY F##K!NG BRILLIANT!!! I’m still taking it all in and just had to get in touch to let you know that this stuff is golden, it’s going to help me to no end with my hypnosis and allows for complete freedom without any worry… I’m already feeling the effects of this system after just one viewing, and it can only get better as I truly take everything in and onboard and apply what’s taught.

I'm sure you get this kind of message all the time, but I just wanted to thank you for posting so many amazing videos on your channel and sharing your work with the hypnosis community! Your model of hypnosis without trance has completely changed my original views of hypnosis and what it is, I use your model daily for performance hypnosis to demonstrate to people that hypnosis is not a scary or bad thing. You are the man and I hope soon once I get the money that I can purchase all of your products to further understand your work, so once again thank you from a lilly white American performer and aspiring hypnotherapist!

Last night during my walk-around magic gig, I was testing out your business card, arm stuck and fingers stuck! the result was brilliant! I didn’t hypnotise the guys but showed them plenty of tricks, then the last trick I did was ‘try and bend your arm’, he couldn’t do it! Then his mate wanted a go so I went on to do ‘try and drop the business card into my hands’, he couldn’t do it! And as soon as I clap you will… booooom!! Very effective stuff!

This material has taught me more about Hypnosis than my previous 20 years in Psychology and 4 years as a practicing Hypnotherapist [and] should be a standard requirement for ANY Hypnotist wanting to bring about real change work. Everything is demonstrated without anything held back and explained in finest detail, to satisfy all learning styles. If you don’t learn this stuff you will be left behind!

I stumbled across your HWT site in November, and I’ve been totally blown away by your theory and model of hypnosis. I’m not blowing smoke when I say that I believe you are one of the great contemporary thinkers of this discipline. …each moment is orchestrated for the desired outcome with Seeding, NLP “tricks”, clean language, and what else? Inspiring. Thanks.

True Genius. I am only beginning to understand how far ahead you are, James.

I very much like the way you teach and conceptualize the different experiences of hypnosis. I think this is the most clear and understanding approach I have ever seen or read. Thanks a lot!

I have just received your Programme… it is as much of a revelation for me now as Rossi and Cheek’s ‘Mind-body Therapy’ was for me in 1990. Definitely the next important big step for me – a practicing hypnotherapist for over 20 years. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you!!

I think it is the best hypnosis product that I have ever studied. The way James describes things is great and I have learned more these last 2 days than ever before since I began learning hypnosis. Really I would have happily paid double to get just half the content.

{Following training} I went home and did a ‘hand-stick’ with success on somebody who I know would previously have been unsuccessful! Thank you!

James… thanks again for your wonderful material. Just got done with your course. Love it man!! All of your material is top notch and have made some things work much better for me in my shows. Keep it coming!

Well, I have finished (more than once) [your] courses. Absolutely brilliant. Explained so that even I can understand it. Good stuff. Thanks.

James, sorry to bother you. I am in middle of [your programme] and I just had to tell how blown away I am. This is pure genius and your presentation is world class! Thanks!

Hi James, I’ve been working through your [programmes] and sure do resonate with your teaching style and thoroughness… I’ve come to hypnosis from a background as a minister/pastoral counselor, NLP and Meta-NLP pracitioner, EFT (and a lot of other techniques) firmly based iin a traditional New Thought metaphysical teaching… but you have synthesthized the concepts that I’ve been looking for… you’ve so consciously and precisely enumerated the fears and apprehensions regarding doing hypnosis phenomena as a hypnotherapist that I’ve had all along and I fully intend to now incorporate it into my sessions… and the joke is… a couple of years ago, all I wanted to do was to learn to “stick someone’s hand to a table”… I went to [another hypnotist], paid a $1000 and that was the biggest waste of time and money I’ve spent… and here you come along with your course, teaching it in step by step form, explaining your thinking, approach and rationale… I am so impressed I just can’t say enough.

I was getting discouraged and frustrated at street hypnosis ..trying to get phenomena with typical inductions and deepeners. I went through [your hypnosis tutorials] and wow!! I’m excited again!

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for the fine work pointing out the difference between trance work and working through a person apparent reality through maintaining and controlling the loop cycles. I have been a hypnotist and later a traditional hypnotherapist for 41 years, having done my first induction at age 13, in 1968. Through all of the years involved in the industry, I have never fallen out of love with it and have continued to learn more and more from so many wonderful people. As a life long learner, I will purchase and take a few of your home study courses, as I’m always open to learning from other perspectives and people who have found their own specialty. Of course my aspiration, is to be as perceptive as possible and remain smooth in all areas of my hypnotic language development. I think your explanations and assumptions are as correct as anyone else’s. After all, it isn’t about being right or wrong. Instead, it’s about getting results and helping to enhance someone’s life and experience. A wonderful opportunity to serve.

I have your Hypnosis without trance materials and this is exactly what I was searching for in the last 2 years. I speak at national chapters of my professional associations and I had a similar format where at the end of my speech, I would pull at least 3 people onto the stage and perform waking suggestibility test and transition to muscle testing demos to pen sticking, to the finger to arm lock, to feet sticking to the floor. I had many success but also at times the participant would get unstuck when I talk to the general audience. At the time I couldn’t figure out why but it make so much sense to me now with your definition of hypnosis and hypnotic loop is brilliant!!! I never completed that loop with some subjects, hence they snapped out. I’ve used your format with at least 4 people now with first 2 with some success and last 2, I got them to forget their names and didn’t try the invisibility yet but will.

I bought your HWT series a few years ago, and am watching them again now that I’ve returned to hypnotherapy. I forgot how good this series of lessons were, and I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your skill and wisdom so openly with the rest of us. I’ve used many of your techniques and model your words quite a bit to help people make real change… lol…you make me look good!

Brilliant service as usual, top quality info on these [programme] and something that anyone can and will benefit from. Highly recommended. Grab the [the programme] guys if you haven’t already. Fantastic info… the content is worth every penny. Lots to play with and great insights.

Wow, have to say there’s a great deal of complimentary information here that ties in beautifully to your HWT COURSE in which I am proud to have purchased from you, your course is amazing and rich with valuable information and this tutorial really expands and solidifies your course beautifully.

James has the unparalleled knack to spot the leverage points that create the largest number of choices for his clients with absolute minimal effort. James has both the elegance of a minimalist and the flair of a visionary. Take his course, it will transform your perceptions and reality.

I’m a magician and mentalist from France. I started studying hypnosis about a year ago, firstly Anthony Jacquin material, then your “Hypnosis Without Trance” material…Though I use trance in my hypnosis, I am really inspired by your material and I use it in my scripts. [your programme] is, in my opinion, a great source of inspiration to get self confidence while doing hypnosis. The concepts are also usable in other fields, like magic or everyday life!

It’s a great stuff there, James is an excellent teacher and has made in this last two years an astonishing progress in all aspects!!! I’m very-very happy with this material and I thank-you very much to give me the possibility to get it!I very much like the way you teach and conceptualize the different experiences of hypnosis. I think it is the most clear and understanding approach I have ever seen or read. [The programme] is a master piece of intelligence and pedagogy. Thanks a lot!

I’ve been listening to your stop smoking program… and in addition I was gladly surprised your comment about your own fears and, like you’ve said, ‘neurotics in your head’ about being responsible for the change and fear that you clients would abandon you…and the change you’ve made regarding this – thank you for that….really inspiring that someone which I regard as good as you in this work just says that…maybe sounds weird but the way you brought this was already worth buying the product thought it was worth mentioning and beyond that.. loved the program and the approach I do hope it contributes in a way that you will go on putting your work out there. (Which in a way also makes it partly a selfish move cause I would love to learn and get more insights)… There is something extra in your work in the way you present it. for instance your part on the difference of avoiding the fair of failure is not the same as succes. It is so very clear communicated that things that I do know do “drop down” and fall into place. So thank you for that.

I learned more understanding of how hypnosis really works from HWT than anywhere else, and think it’s a must for anyone serious about hypnosis. Also a great skill to have as a mentalist as it is the real deal – separates the magician mentalist from the real ones!

James Tripp should be included in the modern history of hypnosis for his understanding of NLP and his genius work called Hypnosis Without Trance.

Man, I am really impressed with the quality of the content! My approach to the art is in a wonderful phase of evolution and a lot of it is due to Hypnosis Without Trance.

I’ve bought and completed your hypnosis mastery program and the rapid induction rituals and I must say that you did a truly wonderful job on both of them. I couldn’t be happier with the material and your method of teaching really works well with my way of thinking and understanding things. so a big big thank you for all the hard work you have put into sharing your wisdom with the rest of us!!

I love how you can pace and lead with this stuff, so you stick all their body parts to anything and everything as you springboard: So as x sticks even more, you can notice that y is happening! Great stuff – cheers James!!

…you explain and demonstrate practical applications better than any one else I have every studied.

The Creative Day Dreaming/Apple/Hand Stick/Hand Levitation progression is really brilliant. I also really appreciate the emphasis on set up and testing the change. Great presentation, too. It’s all immediately useful in my practice. Keep up the good work!

James is an incredible talent and I certainly recommend his work… the material and approach is dynamic, streamlined, practical and advanced in terms of eliciting hypnotic responses in a way that is practically GUARANTEED, with or without trance. I’d say it’s well worth the investment, and that’s putting it mildly.

I’m a follower of your blogs so I already knew that there was something behind what you do, but your Hypnosis Mastery Programme opened my mind and improved my hypnosis style and my success in a really strong way. So thank you very much for what is a great program!

Hypnosis Without Trance has blown my mind and completely changed my thoughts on how hypnosis works with my clients – it’s clicked together a lot of gaps that my traditional learning couldn’t explain…

I got the card stick, hand stick, then transferred to the head other arm and then the chair stick and name amnesia in a pub last night. And beer glass stuck to the table, then achieved Invisibility, did the walk, then the floating Glass, the Glass and Head, Glass, Head and Legs by using the Hypnotic Ladder all at my first attempt! Amazing… ;O

I don’t know how to thank you! I tried it with my mother who suffered from her back and shoulders. We were both amazed by the (immediate) result. It was so interesting when I use your technique when lifting up a little the lever ( her pain was writen in her whole face). It was a proof for me that she was engaged in the process and that a connection had been made. She was perfectly fine afterward. You have my gratitude.

Hey James long time no speak. I’m just sending you this message as a personal thank you for what you do and the impact you’ve had on me over the years. I listen to many people in the Changework profession and I’ve recently come back to check in with your work. I purchased [your programme] and am just finishing the 2nd audio download. Needless to say, I’ve had many new insights and the fire that is in me – to not only help others, but EFFICIENTLY help others – has reached a new burning point. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

James, it has been a pleasure to see you work! You have some great ideas and an infectious attitude to everything. In my opinion, you are one of the few hypnotists working today with a modern attitude to both the performance and the theory behind it.

This is exactly why I love your work. The way you respect people and sincerely guide them in experiencing something extraordinary is truly remarkable. It makes you a wonderful person I can look up to. Thank you for sharing this and being the way you are!

Great to see you back James Tripp. I’ve been using Hypnosis Without Trance for nearly a decade and your Head, Heart and Gut (in psychic readings). Hope we can expect more and get a chunk of the knowledge you’ve acquired while you’ve been away.

…you’ve just filled in so many gaps for me. In my opinion you are the like the new Milton Erickson pushing hypnosis forward. Great work.

I’m a mathematician, an hypnotist and a mentalist. A group of friends gifted me with your Hypnosis Without Trance program, and I just want to tell you that it is really great! I’ve used ‘no trance’ hypnosis many times… (the idea came from the name of your course of course) but I’ve never developed a system or a theory so good and complete around it as you have. I’m a follower of your blogs so I already knew that there was something behind what you do, but your program opened my mind and improved my hypnosis style and my success in a really strong way :). So thank you very much for what is a great product!

Hardly ever did I have so much fun with a hypnosis style! Your style and concept are excellent and it is really fun to use. Just yesterday evening we had a ball at our pub sticking and glueing hands to heads and feet to floors and… well it was a really fun evening! What is cool about your “style” is that it builds up in a way that it is fun for everybody and you never give the “mind control” impression, not to the audience nor the participants. Thus it guarantees fun.

Put simply, it’s like the ‘Jeet June Do’ of hypnosis

Quick note to say thanks for the course. I’m finding it very interesting, honestly the best thing I heard/read for ages.

I believe you are an important hub in the wheel that is turning hypnosis into wider acceptance and utilization as we advance further in our understanding of what hypnosis is; and just as importantly, what it is not!

I enjoy your channel and have learned much through it and your website. After finding your method, the way I do and think about hypnosis has changed dramatically. It is much easier to hypnotize people when using an approach like yours: non-theatening and in which it seems the subject is in control at all times. I had a great opportunity today to demonstrate HWT to several friends from the local magic shop which celebrated the grand re-opening at it’s new location today. I look forward to learning much more from you soon. Thank you for your great work in advancing the art of hypnosis.

I have had a chance to watch the first 2 vids of the set. Man, I am really impressed with the quality of the content! You’re building on what is already such a high level of communication of ideas. My approach to the art is in a wonderful phase of evolution the past few years and a lot of it is due to the HWT approach. I really appreciate your creative output and the creative process it is inspiring in me

Thanks to the newsletter from Tom O’Connor, I came across your website and your awesome articles and tutorial material. The best way for me to share this wonderful information and very interesting products of yours broadly within my (our) NLP-community, is to ask for your permission to professionally translate an article of yours into Dutch and publish it (with all due respect to you as the author and with all the contact information of your website) in our quarterly magazine for NLP. The (non-commercial) Dutch Association for NLP, NVNLP, (founded some 30 years ago, but very much alive!) is the sole NLP association in the Netherlands, has 1250 members and each quarterly edition (hard copy, full color) of our magazine ‘INzicht (‘insight’) is 2000 (it’s free for our members, the surplus is for promotional activities). Although it is in Dutch, just to give you a ‘look and feel’ I enclose an e-version of our latest edition. To be specific: your stunning video on ‘What if I don’t know what I want’ really touched my NLP-heart and I would love to share your vision on this and your advise within our members/readers NLP community in Holland. I would like to make a transcription and get it professionally translated for these publishing purposes. Would you be willing to give us your approval to do so?

I thought [another hypnotist] was good, but it seems your stuff is much more a new wave type of thinking!!

Got my uploads yesterday and have now enjoyed audio 1 and 2 – full of interesting and inspiring stuff! I want to listen to the second audio for a third time to catch all the abundance you offer. So happy to learn more about myself and life.

Just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying your latest videos. Even though I’m only through 1 & 2 it’s so refreshing for me to hear what I’m not hearing in other trainings. And that is the nonverbal. So many trainings take for granted or just overlook or simply just plainly don’t know themselves what they are or why they’re doing… Anyway just wanted to compliment you on your training.

Since I’m using clean language (mostly lazy Jedi) my hypnotherapy has improved vastly, don’t need eye closure trance anymore, everything happens conversationally with 100% suvvess ratio….thanks for letting me discover this fantastic communication tool.

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